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 was great to see guys, hope u had some fun - till next time - xo
 Yvonne Strahovski 
 thank you for the wonderful write up ! It was a pleasure !
 Ken Murray 
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 Yvonne Strahovski talks Killer Elite and a little  
 Yvonne Strahovski 
My co-star Zach Levi who was honored last night for the work he has done for Operation Smile.
 Yvonne Strahovski 
Went to the Operation Smile event last night. Was so touched. Was proud to help raise awareness and money for kids in need and to stand by

Operation Smile's gala

Yvonne at Operation Smile's gala With Vic and Zach from Chuck
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more pictures: Here , here , Here (new) and here (new)

New Killer Elite trailer


Audio interview and another interview

At bigfanboy.com:
Being a big fan of CHUCK on NBC, when I was asked if I was interested in speaking with Yvonne Strahovski about her role in KILLER ELITE, it was all I could do to contain my excitement.
and the audio interview - HERE

Another interview: CLICK

Yvonne Strahovski Talks KILLER ELITE With AMC

CW interview and another interview

  • another interview- Yvonne Strahovski talks Killer Elite and a little Chuck

interviewed by Young Hollywood

A new pic of Yvonne interviewed by Young Hollywood

Chuck Season 5 Promo + interviews

  •  Yvonne Strahovski: “It’s My Job To Look Badass - click (2 pages)
  • Also Yvonne talks about her fast fame
  • Yvonne Strahovski Talks "Killer Elite," Final Season of "Chuck," and Nerd Fanbase (2 pages) 

West Hollywood bans fur. Go weho !

I'm so happy!!! Loves animals
  •  Yvonne's tweet :
 Yvonne Strahovski 

West Hollywood bans fur. Go weho !

  • Zach levi tweet with Yvonne's picture :)

 Zachary Levi 

Nothing like fake Bourbon to keep the night moving. :)


Yvonne tweet about angry birds again :D

- And she answer the undoing hair question: youtube

 Yvonne Strahovski 

Ps seriously u guys, thanks 4 the bath tub links. Big help! And yes, now I know what they were talking about with the 'undoing hair' clip :)
 Yvonne Strahovski 

Ok. C'mon angry birds !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Release another level !!! Something !!!! Please !!!!! I check three times a day for an update.....OY
 Yvonne Strahovski 

And another !!! Tra la la !!! I talk Killer Elite, Chuck... And tubs.
 Killer Elite 
 by Y_Strahovski
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