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 Yvonne Strahovski 

Just saw this. Go stunt team.

Here it is on youtube:

Thank you for the Cast and Crew of Chuck

Okay Chuck fans, we need YOU!

Chuck Season 4 Deleted Scenes

I love every scene in it but if you like to see Yvonne`s parts: 5:42, 6:35- MUST SEE and 8:10
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The Best of Jeffster, Casey's Grunts, Sarah's Stunts

From Season 4 DVD, Chuck.
You can see Yvonne's grunts and her fights and you can see her being so cute at the end :)
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Mekenna Melvin reaction on Yvonne's Maxim

 Mekenna Melvin 
Holy hot sauce!!! Meowww  

and Yvonne tweet:
 Yvonne Strahovski 

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Chuck Season 4 Bloopers and Operation Gomez

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Recommended to See everything but if you don't want to, Yvonne part is in 6:40 min. A must see.

Yvonne slightly interviewed in here


Win a 10-minute phone call with Yvonne Strahovski!

Yvonne Strahovski – known for her role as Sarah Walker on the television series, Chuck – co-stars with Jason Statham and Robert De Niro in KILLER ELITE, now playing at AMC Theatres!
We are very excited to be able to give away a 10-minute phone call with Yvonne to one of our loyal AMC fans!
All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us: If you could only ask Yvonne one question, what would it be? (Don’t worry, you’ll get to ask her more than one question in the 10-minute phone call if you’re the winner.)

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I would ask her why she hadn't directed an episode just yet....

More spoiler about Sarah Walker

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ChuckTV.net has received additional information about the upcoming episode of Chuck season 5 that will reveal more about Sarah’s past. We already know that we’ll be meeting her mother and her former handler, but we can now confirm that we’ll meet both characters in episode 5.08, “Chuck vs. the Baby”. But wait, there’s more!

Emma, Sarah’s mother, is blonde and beautiful like her daughter. She’s a very maternal woman, but “she hasn’t seen Sarah in over 5 years”, says our source. Makes sense given that we’ve witnessed the last 5 years of Sarah’s life, but does this mean Emma was around more than we thought while Sarah was growing up? And what happened to cause their rift?

As if having her mother re-enter her life wasn’t enough stress, Ryker, Sarah’s former “handler”, also returns and he isn’t back to catch up over coffee. He has unfinished business, and it involves our favorite Mrs. Bartowski.

The really intriguing part of the intel we received is that it sounds like we’ll get a major revelation about Sarah’s past, possibly linked to the episode title. Let the speculation begin.

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Jason Statham talks about Yvonne

Now, there’s a real change of pace with Danny’s relationship with Anne (Yvonne), where the whole background get’s erased for that relationship. Do you think that she would have had to have found out eventually? Do you think he could of, in an ideal world, could he have kept it a secret?

Gary shot a scene where she found out…


Yeah! Yeah… (nods), but it didn’t stay in the movie. Yeah, she found a thing in the trees where he used to go to throw knives and she started asking questions and it was a really great scene. It was in the rain in Australia, in the forest and she was crying and it was just… It was a great scene for us. One of the great ones… But it just took away from the pacing of the film and it’s sad to see it go, because it was such a brilliant scene for Yvonne… A brilliant piece of drama for her, and for me too…

Also a tweet from:
Very impressed with u girl! @Y_Strahovski ...U got skills!


Mix news

  • Statham stares out a window and has flashbacks to meeting Yvonne Strahovski down under, like, oh, hey, remember that time I fell in love? It’s about five minutes total, although to be fair, I don’t think it would take all that long to fall for Ms. Strahovski. Naturally, Strahovski ends up threatened by the villains, requiring Jason to bring down the Stathammer

  • Also:  Seth Rogen Poses For Pictures With Fans
"He will be next seen in 'My Mother's Curse' alongside 'Chuck' actress Yvonne Strahovski."

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                Very impressed with u girl!  ...U got skills! ;)
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Yvonne tweet about Operation Smile

 Yvonne Strahovski 

Operation Smile is an amazing organization. Lets support them and give kids a chance to SMILE 

Yvonne Strahovski: 'Jason Statham Should Do Comedies'

She talks about Killer Elite and 'Three Pop Stars, One Song'


Interview with Yvonne by phone

collegemoviereview: About Killer Elite

Many of you probably know Yvonne Strhovski from her hit NBC show 'Chuck'. But this week the gorgeous Australian actress is hitting the big screen alongside Jason Statham and Clive Own in the high action thriller KILLER ELITE. We were fortunate enough to get a phone call from the actress where she was willing to discuss the film, her attraction to the project and whether she'd be game for 'Chuck' movie. I hope you enjoy

An interview with HITLIST

Chatting With Yvonne Strahovski, ‘Killer Elite’ Co-Star and Maxim Cover Model

How often do you find yourself singing the Polish national anthem with the cover model for Maxim magazine—while surrounded by U.S. troops! That’s where I found myself last week when I was at Edwards Air Force Base with Jason Statham and several cast members from his new film, “Killer Elite.”


Yvonne interview at younghollywood

Also on youtube:

Vid in HQ at: yvonnestrahovski.it
Photos: HERE

A major spoiler on Chuck's Sarah Walker

  • This is really a good news. I was hoping for this.  Click!
  • Also you can VOTE. who do you want to play Sarah's mom?

The spoiler written in black. If you want to read it, mark it, or go to the link above. 
SPOILER: Last year, Chuck introduced us to its title spy’s mom, Linda Hamilton. And this year? For its final season, the show is introducing Sarah’s mom, Emma. The possibly recurring character is described as a beautiful blonde who is, in essence, a walking hug. 

The Canyon 2009

Anyone who wants to see the movie



Yvonne at TIFF 2011 and a new tweets

A new video (from 4:35 min)

Yvonne tweet:

 Yvonne Strahovski 

Amazing to see who follows who on twitter ... Hmm...yes.... Very insightful indeed... Good night Los Angeles. Or should I say, good morning.

 Yvonne Strahovski 

aaaaaaaahhhhhhh SUNDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!