Jason Statham talks about Yvonne

Now, there’s a real change of pace with Danny’s relationship with Anne (Yvonne), where the whole background get’s erased for that relationship. Do you think that she would have had to have found out eventually? Do you think he could of, in an ideal world, could he have kept it a secret?

Gary shot a scene where she found out…


Yeah! Yeah… (nods), but it didn’t stay in the movie. Yeah, she found a thing in the trees where he used to go to throw knives and she started asking questions and it was a really great scene. It was in the rain in Australia, in the forest and she was crying and it was just… It was a great scene for us. One of the great ones… But it just took away from the pacing of the film and it’s sad to see it go, because it was such a brilliant scene for Yvonne… A brilliant piece of drama for her, and for me too…

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Very impressed with u girl! @Y_Strahovski ...U got skills!

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