More spoiler about Sarah Walker

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ChuckTV.net has received additional information about the upcoming episode of Chuck season 5 that will reveal more about Sarah’s past. We already know that we’ll be meeting her mother and her former handler, but we can now confirm that we’ll meet both characters in episode 5.08, “Chuck vs. the Baby”. But wait, there’s more!

Emma, Sarah’s mother, is blonde and beautiful like her daughter. She’s a very maternal woman, but “she hasn’t seen Sarah in over 5 years”, says our source. Makes sense given that we’ve witnessed the last 5 years of Sarah’s life, but does this mean Emma was around more than we thought while Sarah was growing up? And what happened to cause their rift?

As if having her mother re-enter her life wasn’t enough stress, Ryker, Sarah’s former “handler”, also returns and he isn’t back to catch up over coffee. He has unfinished business, and it involves our favorite Mrs. Bartowski.

The really intriguing part of the intel we received is that it sounds like we’ll get a major revelation about Sarah’s past, possibly linked to the episode title. Let the speculation begin.

Source: chucktv

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