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Behind the Scenes /"Chuck vs Sarah"/ more: strahovskisource

Episode Stills > 5x13 - Chuck vs The Goodbye / more: strahovskisource

Behind the Scenes / "Chuck vs The Goodbye" / more: strahovskisource

BTS video from the finale - VIDEO

Sarah & Quinn airplane stunt #GoodbyeChuck

Yvoone tweet- END of Chuck, TV series

Reading all your tweets. I think my ipad is about to stop working... Too much water on it.....

@Pabloastete999: from Perú @Y_Strahovski #goodbyechuck miss all the cast thanks for this 5 years waaaaa =(” Thanku for the love

@Y_Strahovski Thank u , so much , that show changed my life ! i wont forget it :) , thank u and the cast , ur most loyal fan from Egypt :)

And yeh, definitely real tears on the beach... :) for sure

Taking a bow. Wiping the tears. Sending a hug. And saying thanku...For the last time...you.were.all.amazing. #goodbyechuck in my heart 4ever

I am watching, yes.


@SWFanGirls: I'm scared of Ms. Walker #Chuck” Muahahaha ha ha .... ;)

@Barwwa: @Y_Strahovski From Mexico, we miss Chuck so much :(#goodbyechuck#goodbyechuck thanku :)

@wilsonwalls: @Y_Strahovski Watching chuck from New Zealand, thank you so much for these 5 amazing years! #goodbyechuck :)” Thanku :)

@iuonalappy: @Y_Strahovski Romania salutes you! Thank u for 5 awesome years! :) x” #goodbyechuck thank you for the support:)

@AZdreazy: @Y_Strahovski watching chuck from England - thanks ever do much #goodbyechuck” Thank you for everything :)

@mar__xx: @Y_Strahovski RT for the Chucksters supporting you since Argentina!” #goodbyechuck thanku for everything :)

@mattyms: @Y_Strahovski twitpic.com/8chd69 My CHUCK cake for the series finale #goodbyechuck thank you for your work....” Loveit:)

@Kiddnicky: @Y_Strahovski Watching chuck from El Salvador... Gonna miss u guys... #goodbyechuck#goodbyechuck thanku for the support:)

@rossedge123: @Y_Strahovski all the way from scotland thank you for 5 amazing years of #Chuck #GoodByeChuck” Thanku4 ur support

@silyah246: @Y_Strahovski Thank you for making Chuck so amazing! Hugs to everyone, from Québec :)” #goodbyechuck thanku for the support:)

@zukich86: @Y_Strahovski Thank u so much for the last 5 years you guys change my life greetings from Denmark #GoodbyeChuck” Thanku !!!!

@DearLineeh: @Y_Strahovski I'm dying here with @gabi_delsin, please tweet us! We're seeing Chuck from Brazil! #GoodbyeChuck” :) thanku:)

@Rustle_Dazzle: @Y_Strahovski Philippines loves Chuck so much!!! Thank you!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((” Thanku 4 the years

@kal_em: @Y_Strahovski greetings from Indonesia. Thank you for the excitement. #goodbyechuck#goodbyechuck thanku for the support

@sah_avelino: @Y_Strahovski thank you very much for this amazing,awesome and lovely 5 years..I'll miss you and the team a lot (:” Thanku:)

@A_J_Davis: @Y_Strahovski Thank You for an amazing five years laughter and tears you've brought it all to us thank you.#goodbyechuck” :)

@ElisaNicole22: @Y_Strahovski Thank you for the past five years on one of the best shows ever. #goodbyechuck#goodbyechuckthanku!:)

@Felipe_SilvaT: @Y_Strahovski Brazil just loved Chuck ! Thank You !!” # #goodbyechuck thank you:)

@gilumtang: @Y_Strahovski thanks for the awesome 5 years. :)#goodbyechuck#goodbyechuck thank you :)

@Ian_Davis24: @Y_Strahovski we are having a viewing party!!! Loved Chuck. Thanks so much!!! #goodbyechuck#goodbyechuckthank you

How many of you are east coasters about to watch it??#goodbyechuck

I may not tweet much during the finale. Please remember to be careful of tweeting spoilers to our west coast Chucksters!!!#goodbyechuck
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@chucktvdotnet: @Y_Strahovski your performance in these 2 episodes brought me to my knees. #GoodbyeChuck” Thank you muchly 4 the support

Tonight's the night!!! are you guys ready?! #GoodbyeChuck
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We're getting close:(. Hope everyone enjoys the show tonite.
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RobbieMcDunc Robert D. McNeill
@ChuckOnNBC Watched the Chuck finale on the big screen in Hollywood last night...amazing night!http://pic.twitter.com/mSRotf6p

Exclusive Interview: CHUCK star Yvonne Strahovski kicks ass to the end as the NBC series signs off

AX: One wish you had told previously, was you wanted to have the story regarding your mother [Cheryl Ladd] resolved – when you got that script, it must have been a thrill.
STRAHOVSKI: I really felt that it closed up the Sarah history for me as much as it could have. I was able to have a bit of a Sarah episode going back and finding out who her mother was, why it happened – it really put the pieces of the puzzle together.
AX: Did you hear what your back story was, or did you not know until you got that script?
STRAHOVSKI: As the season was progressing, I would find out bits of information. I could have asked about the last episode, but I chose not to until the very end. There were only so many scripts left and it’s nice to be surprised when you read a script. Maybe I didn’t want to know, maybe I was in denial of the end. I left it for as long as I could before I found out what the ending would be.

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Yvonne tweet and VOTE

Two episodes back to back tonight #goodbyechuck

Voting for @MaximMag for the TOP100 can be done here:maximonline.com/hot100vote/ Thanks again for having me be a part of it @MaximMag ... Muah ;)

@gianluigi88: @Y_Strahovski @MaximMag just voted for the sexiest girl there is, Yvonne! xx” Aw love you! don't forget@MercedesMasohn !!

@LittleChuckFan no....:)

I just heard! thanku @MaximMag 4 nominating me as one of ur hot100 :) !!!*blushing*!!! now we have to VOTE yeh ?!?!maximonline.com/hot100vote/

Wow... You guys are in for one hellavarollercoasterride tonight. GOODBYE CHUCK !!!!!!!!

Thank you @sobe for the very sweet message. Tonight will be tough !

Congrats to #sobeskinsuit model @Y_Strahovski for 5 great years on@NBCChuck! Bid a fond farewell tonight at 8PM on NBC.#goodbyechuck

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Chuck Promo - See You Later Chuck

Chuck Season 5 Blooper Reel and goodbye :(

Chuck Season 5 Gag Reel from Matt Barber on Vimeo.

You also can watch it at yvonnestrahovski.it
Youtube version

Chuck Season 5 - The Series Finale - Sneak Peek #4

This pic was posted at early November 2011

Exclusive First Look at the Chuck Series Finale: One Last Dance?


tvline - video in it!

The Naked Truth: Yvonne Strahovski

Excellent though Chuck's entire cast is, Strahovski has to be considered the breakout star. Her character, Sarah Walker, was immediately propelled into the nerd high consciousness, and not just for her willingness to indulge the Buy More wind machine. As we bid a fond farewell to the series, let's take a moment to pay tribute to this generation's Emma Peel.
More about Yvonne: xandermarkham


Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin CHUCK Series Finale Set Visit Interview

Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski talked with reporters together, and the bond we’ve seen between Sarah and Casey in the last couple of seasons is clearly there off-screen as well. Yvonne was trying to keep it together as she talked about the end of Chuck, while Adam was more pragmatic but very complimentary about his co-star

Yvonne: I can’t stop crying. I’ve cried every day this whole month. I cried yesterday. I’ve just been crying every single day. I’m going to cry now. It’s horrible. I cried yesterday. I did my last fight scene ever.
Q: Adam’s been through this. Do you have advice for Yvonne?Adam: She’s going on to bigger and better things. She doesn’t have anything to cry about. She’s got all the phone numbers and emails. She’ll see us around, once in a while.
Yvonne: Once in a while.
Adam: Down the road. That’s the funny thing about Hollywood. Yvonne walked off a plane into a family here and a new working atmosphere and now she’s got her feet dug into Los Angeles and she’s established and she’s going to be around for a long time. It’s really great to see nice people succeed.
Yvonne: That was very nice. Thank you. I’m going to cry. 
Read it at:  chucktv, collider
(This interview is wonderful to read)

4 NEW HQ photos of SoBe with Yvonne

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Chuck Series Finale Promo 2

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'Chuck' finale: Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin on crying, memories and more

"I can't stop crying. I cried every day, this whole month," Yvonne Strahovski says. "I've just been crying every single day. I'm going to cry now. It's horrible. I cried yesterday when I did my last fight scene ever."

Adam Baldwin, however, was remaining true to his stoic character of John Casey -- at least in front of a gaggle of reporters.

"Casey doesn't cry. I think Casey goes out with a bang, or so I've been told," Baldwin says. He does allow that the end of the series is "emotional," but he's pretty happy with "Chuck's" five-year run.
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Women in yellow

Bring me sunshine... From canary to neon, next season's trend for yellow is already taking the red carpet by storm

Bright ideas: Yvonne Strahovski in Jenni Kayne at a Golden Globes after party

'Chuck' vs. the Retrospective Interview, Part 2

And Yvonne sometimes gets to be funny and sometimes not, and there are a lot of different moving parts on the show. It does feel like these last couple of seasons - basically since she and Chuck got together - there has been a little bit more of funny Sarah. I don’t know. Has that been your feeling?
Chris Fedak: Absolutely, absolutely, I think that starting off the show when we first got into it we looked at Yvonne to be the anchor for the spy side of the show, funny, romantic-
Josh Schwartz        Soulful.
Chris Fedak: -soulful, able to do the action scenes, to carry a gun, sit on a roof with wind blowing in a miniskirt and still be amazing. She can do all that. I think the discovery over—like Gomez in season three learning about Chuck’s spy life and finding another gear, the fact that Sarah and Chuck are really good together and also that Sarah is very funny - like her doing that Texas accent in "the Honeymooners" episode. For the life of me I tried to get that into the show, into the finale, but just didn’t have time for it, but she is so funny.

On the Set Farewell to Chuck Part 2: Sarah vs. the Faulty Intersect

In the two-hour series finale Friday (8/7c, NBC), however, Sarah (Strahovski) threatens to break that heart after disastrous events in the last episode. In an attempt to save Chuck's (Levi) life, she had downloaded the faulty Intersect, which rapidly caused her memories to deteriorate. "Before we're able to get it out of her head, the damage is done," Levi explained. "She's kidnapped by Quinn and kind of reprogrammed." Her new orders? Kill Chuck Bartowski.
Source: tvguide

Cat Squad is back!!!

   U girls always put a smile on my face!♥ 


E! interview -Chuck Stars Talk Series Finale - VIDEO

on E!

Saying Goodbye to Chuck - IGN interview

Yvonne Strahovski was on the other side of the coin, admitting, "I can't stop crying! I cried every day this whole month. I've just been crying every single day. I'm going to cry now. It's horrible. I cried yesterday when I did my last fight scene, ever." 
 Gomez noted that Strahovski's frequent crying was a recent development. "She's always a little bit tough and kind of cool. She's kept it cool, and then all of the sudden she's just like, 'Gomez, I can't stop!' She would text me. They were doing some scenes, and she would text me. She was like, 'Make me laugh!' And I'm like, 'Oh, God. Ahhhh!' She's been a mess

Read more: All the cast talking about last episode -  ign

Chuck - Series Finale EPK: Yvonne Strahovski Interview - VIDEO

Tweet about Yvonne with picture

In light of #Chuck Last Week. A Beautiful @Y_Strahovski On Set "Last Looks!"

Chuck - Series Finale: Behind the Scenes

Yvonne at 2:25

Article about the series finale

On the Set Farewell to Chuck, Part 1: Jet Planes and A Jeffster! Swan Song

The finale is very much haunted by seasons past. This is an episode that's not only a finale for Season 5, but also five seasons of television," series co-creator Chris Fedak told reporters on the final set visit in December. "So we're going to be bringing back a lot of things that it wouldn't be an episode unless we saw Yvonne [Strahovski] in the cat suit, also wearing an evening gown dancing the tango."
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