Yvonne tweet and VOTE

Two episodes back to back tonight #goodbyechuck

Voting for @MaximMag for the TOP100 can be done here:maximonline.com/hot100vote/ Thanks again for having me be a part of it @MaximMag ... Muah ;)

@gianluigi88: @Y_Strahovski @MaximMag just voted for the sexiest girl there is, Yvonne! xx” Aw love you! don't forget@MercedesMasohn !!

@LittleChuckFan no....:)

I just heard! thanku @MaximMag 4 nominating me as one of ur hot100 :) !!!*blushing*!!! now we have to VOTE yeh ?!?!maximonline.com/hot100vote/

Wow... You guys are in for one hellavarollercoasterride tonight. GOODBYE CHUCK !!!!!!!!

Thank you @sobe for the very sweet message. Tonight will be tough !

Congrats to #sobeskinsuit model @Y_Strahovski for 5 great years on@NBCChuck! Bid a fond farewell tonight at 8PM on NBC.#goodbyechuck

So...VOTE (maximonline)

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