Chuck's' Yvonne Strahovski Teases 'Tragedy' for the Series Finale, Cast Would Do a Movie

The actress tells THR what it was like to wrap on Sarah and what fans can look forward to as the series reaches its finale.

What are the chances of a Chuck movie?
There are always more stories to tell. I’m sure that if that idea came up, I’m sure most if not all of the cast members would probably be up to doing something like that. We love each other. We’re such a close-knit group and the crew as well.  So, it’s a real community that we’ve created amongst ourselves and the fans.  So, I think if it was in the cards, I think we’d all be up for it.
 Aside from the relationships, what are you taking away career-wise fromChuck?
Strahovski: It’s just been such a thrilling, sort of, training ground in a way. To be on a one-hour drama like what Chuck is, you really learn how to get your job done and get it done in a timely manner and be on point. We work 15-hour days. You really have to be prepared and know what you’re doing. I think it’s probably the best sort of practice training ground that I’ve had ever. 

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