Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin CHUCK Series Finale Set Visit Interview

Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski talked with reporters together, and the bond we’ve seen between Sarah and Casey in the last couple of seasons is clearly there off-screen as well. Yvonne was trying to keep it together as she talked about the end of Chuck, while Adam was more pragmatic but very complimentary about his co-star

Yvonne: I can’t stop crying. I’ve cried every day this whole month. I cried yesterday. I’ve just been crying every single day. I’m going to cry now. It’s horrible. I cried yesterday. I did my last fight scene ever.
Q: Adam’s been through this. Do you have advice for Yvonne?Adam: She’s going on to bigger and better things. She doesn’t have anything to cry about. She’s got all the phone numbers and emails. She’ll see us around, once in a while.
Yvonne: Once in a while.
Adam: Down the road. That’s the funny thing about Hollywood. Yvonne walked off a plane into a family here and a new working atmosphere and now she’s got her feet dug into Los Angeles and she’s established and she’s going to be around for a long time. It’s really great to see nice people succeed.
Yvonne: That was very nice. Thank you. I’m going to cry. 
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(This interview is wonderful to read)

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