Exclusive Interview: CHUCK star Yvonne Strahovski kicks ass to the end as the NBC series signs off

AX: One wish you had told previously, was you wanted to have the story regarding your mother [Cheryl Ladd] resolved – when you got that script, it must have been a thrill.
STRAHOVSKI: I really felt that it closed up the Sarah history for me as much as it could have. I was able to have a bit of a Sarah episode going back and finding out who her mother was, why it happened – it really put the pieces of the puzzle together.
AX: Did you hear what your back story was, or did you not know until you got that script?
STRAHOVSKI: As the season was progressing, I would find out bits of information. I could have asked about the last episode, but I chose not to until the very end. There were only so many scripts left and it’s nice to be surprised when you read a script. Maybe I didn’t want to know, maybe I was in denial of the end. I left it for as long as I could before I found out what the ending would be.

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