Yvoone tweet- END of Chuck, TV series

Reading all your tweets. I think my ipad is about to stop working... Too much water on it.....

@Pabloastete999: from Perú @Y_Strahovski #goodbyechuck miss all the cast thanks for this 5 years waaaaa =(” Thanku for the love

@Y_Strahovski Thank u , so much , that show changed my life ! i wont forget it :) , thank u and the cast , ur most loyal fan from Egypt :)

And yeh, definitely real tears on the beach... :) for sure

Taking a bow. Wiping the tears. Sending a hug. And saying thanku...For the last time...you.were.all.amazing. #goodbyechuck in my heart 4ever

I am watching, yes.


@SWFanGirls: I'm scared of Ms. Walker #Chuck” Muahahaha ha ha .... ;)

@Barwwa: @Y_Strahovski From Mexico, we miss Chuck so much :(#goodbyechuck#goodbyechuck thanku :)

@wilsonwalls: @Y_Strahovski Watching chuck from New Zealand, thank you so much for these 5 amazing years! #goodbyechuck :)” Thanku :)

@iuonalappy: @Y_Strahovski Romania salutes you! Thank u for 5 awesome years! :) x” #goodbyechuck thank you for the support:)

@AZdreazy: @Y_Strahovski watching chuck from England - thanks ever do much #goodbyechuck” Thank you for everything :)

@mar__xx: @Y_Strahovski RT for the Chucksters supporting you since Argentina!” #goodbyechuck thanku for everything :)

@mattyms: @Y_Strahovski twitpic.com/8chd69 My CHUCK cake for the series finale #goodbyechuck thank you for your work....” Loveit:)

@Kiddnicky: @Y_Strahovski Watching chuck from El Salvador... Gonna miss u guys... #goodbyechuck#goodbyechuck thanku for the support:)

@rossedge123: @Y_Strahovski all the way from scotland thank you for 5 amazing years of #Chuck #GoodByeChuck” Thanku4 ur support

@silyah246: @Y_Strahovski Thank you for making Chuck so amazing! Hugs to everyone, from Québec :)” #goodbyechuck thanku for the support:)

@zukich86: @Y_Strahovski Thank u so much for the last 5 years you guys change my life greetings from Denmark #GoodbyeChuck” Thanku !!!!

@DearLineeh: @Y_Strahovski I'm dying here with @gabi_delsin, please tweet us! We're seeing Chuck from Brazil! #GoodbyeChuck” :) thanku:)

@Rustle_Dazzle: @Y_Strahovski Philippines loves Chuck so much!!! Thank you!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((” Thanku 4 the years

@kal_em: @Y_Strahovski greetings from Indonesia. Thank you for the excitement. #goodbyechuck#goodbyechuck thanku for the support

@sah_avelino: @Y_Strahovski thank you very much for this amazing,awesome and lovely 5 years..I'll miss you and the team a lot (:” Thanku:)

@A_J_Davis: @Y_Strahovski Thank You for an amazing five years laughter and tears you've brought it all to us thank you.#goodbyechuck” :)

@ElisaNicole22: @Y_Strahovski Thank you for the past five years on one of the best shows ever. #goodbyechuck#goodbyechuckthanku!:)

@Felipe_SilvaT: @Y_Strahovski Brazil just loved Chuck ! Thank You !!” # #goodbyechuck thank you:)

@gilumtang: @Y_Strahovski thanks for the awesome 5 years. :)#goodbyechuck#goodbyechuck thank you :)

@Ian_Davis24: @Y_Strahovski we are having a viewing party!!! Loved Chuck. Thanks so much!!! #goodbyechuck#goodbyechuckthank you

How many of you are east coasters about to watch it??#goodbyechuck

I may not tweet much during the finale. Please remember to be careful of tweeting spoilers to our west coast Chucksters!!!#goodbyechuck
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@chucktvdotnet: @Y_Strahovski your performance in these 2 episodes brought me to my knees. #GoodbyeChuck” Thank you muchly 4 the support

Tonight's the night!!! are you guys ready?! #GoodbyeChuck
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We're getting close:(. Hope everyone enjoys the show tonite.
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