'Chuck' vs. the Retrospective Interview, Part 2

And Yvonne sometimes gets to be funny and sometimes not, and there are a lot of different moving parts on the show. It does feel like these last couple of seasons - basically since she and Chuck got together - there has been a little bit more of funny Sarah. I don’t know. Has that been your feeling?
Chris Fedak: Absolutely, absolutely, I think that starting off the show when we first got into it we looked at Yvonne to be the anchor for the spy side of the show, funny, romantic-
Josh Schwartz        Soulful.
Chris Fedak: -soulful, able to do the action scenes, to carry a gun, sit on a roof with wind blowing in a miniskirt and still be amazing. She can do all that. I think the discovery over—like Gomez in season three learning about Chuck’s spy life and finding another gear, the fact that Sarah and Chuck are really good together and also that Sarah is very funny - like her doing that Texas accent in "the Honeymooners" episode. For the life of me I tried to get that into the show, into the finale, but just didn’t have time for it, but she is so funny.

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