Forty Fall TV Shows We're Psyched About

11. Chuck

Friday, 8-9 p.m., NBC
With the much-loved spy series coming to a close after five seasons, co-creator Chris Fedak insists this last batch of episodes will be satisfying and surprising. ''There's going to be new stuff this season,'' teases Fedak. ''It's going to change the Chuck world. But it's also a big love letter to the fans and hopefully an epic finale.'' The premiere, featuring guest villains Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Craig Kilborn (Old School), will pick up after May's game changer, in which Chuck (Zachary Levi) started his own spy agency and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) was turned into a superagent by the Intersect. ''It's neat to watch Morgan have fun with the Intersect 
because unlike Chuck, he's stoked to have superpowers,'' says Fedak. ''For Chuck, he has to be like Sarah Walker [Yvonne Strahovski] in season 1. He's the handler.'' That's not to say everything will be rosy for the team, warns Fedak: ''They may find themselves working with people who are a little more shady than they're used to.'' Oct. 21

Source: EW 

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