Tweet of Chris Fedak/wardrobe of Sarah walker/Carrie Anne-Moss

  • Chris Fedak tweet:
"I have to say, for those fans that love Sarah Walker, ep 5.08 will be your favorite episode ever." #Chuck @Y_Strahovski

Ep 5.08 is "going into epicland - this isn't a funny #Chuck story." Lots of Sarah secrets revealed.

  • Carrie Anne-Moss talks about Yvonne
On the dynamic between strong women Verbanski and Sarah:
“One of the things I’m really enjoying right now is Yvonne and I are having to come together to help one another, and yet there’s a total competitive energy there between our characters. [Sarah]’s strong and focused, but she also notices all of those little innuendos, and she has moments where she’s asking my character ‘Oh, how are you feeling?’ And my character’s like ‘Shut up! Don’t talk to me about feelings!’ That’s been kind of fun.”
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  • Sarah’s Lingerie & Creamy Whites
You assume correctly, Yvonne! We’ve had several requests for information about the black lingerie Sarah wears to seduce Chuck’s secret out of him, and Robin was happy to oblige. The set is by Felina, a brand that’s available at stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom.
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  • Yvonne's tweet:
 Yvonne Strahovski 

awww love you !!!! MUAH !!! “ and are the best doggy sitters!!! Wedgie LOVES his aunties!”

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