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From christi kassity :
First thing you're going to do after filming is over? Yvonne - "sleep" Adam - "gun range!"
From Hanh Nguyen :

Just chatted w/ Adam, Scott, @ZacharyLevi and @Y_Strahovski who is wearing a 5-inch heel w/ 1-inch platform #Chuck

Kristene Imkeh (TV Fanatic / SWFG)
MrsHekmi Kristene Imkeh
I was grabbing snacks right next to Yvonne. Then she threw trash into a bin I was standing next to. It's like we're close or something
MrsHekmi Kristene Imkeh
Jjust had a wonderful moment with the fantastic Ms. Yvonne. She got teary-eyed and I almost couldn't speak. Typing this w shaking fingers! 
MrsHekmi Kristene Imkeh
We hugged twice! I'm so sorry, I'm not gloating I'm just stunned and need to share. #fangirlgasm 
MrsHekmi Kristene Imkeh
Did I mention she initiated the second hug herself?! And we hugged tight? I will have to delete these tweets later. #stunned

Thanks to Captain- Yvonnedaily fourm 

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