The Third Birthday Revisited On The Vita – Under The Radar Review

From a story perspective, you have everything the original Parasite Eve games had, with the addition of voice acting.  The 3rd Birthday, for the most part, is translated well from the original Japanese script, so conversations aren’t broken and make sense.  Yvonne Strahovski (who also portrays Miranda Lawson in the Mass Effect series) does a good job with the script she’s handed.  Unfortunately, the Aya Brea portrayed in The 3rd Birthday isn’t as strong of a character as the previous games.  In the originalParasite Eve, Aya was a rookie NYPD cop who chased down ten-foot-tall monsters while waving a badge and a gun, whereas in The 3rd Birthday she seems more meek, fragile and soft spoken.  While the reason behind this is explained later in the story and is in part due to her memory loss, it doesn’t feel like the Aya that we all grew up with in the late 90s.
Source: wanderson75

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