Joshua Gomez mentions Yvonne in an interview

Of course! We know you’ve been filming for awhile now, but how was the adjustment to all the extra action and stunt work?
J.G.: I always had respect for all of them, you know Zac, Yvonne and Adam, doing a lot of the physical stuff as well as the emotional stuff, but I have a whole new level now, because a lot of it is really tough! You know, we shoot in seven days, and it’s just a lot to take on. And it’s nobody’s fault, but you kind of walk onto set, and you’ve got like, you know, nine minutes to learn a fight, and you go ‘Wha??’ It’s one of those where you look at pages, and that I’m kind of used to; I can memorize lines pretty quickly, but the fights and a lot of stuff is like ‘Oh gosh!’ But you do it. You pull it off!

Anything in particular prove more of a challenge than you might have expected?
J.G.: Yvonne, for example, has dance training; that’s why she takes to those scenes so well. She just has so much balance and coordination and memorization, and all of these things, and it truly is a violent ballet. And I am just the worst dancer you’ve ever seen. I mean, sure I can moonwalk, but you know…

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