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  • Yvonne Strahovski spills on the final season of "Chuck"+

What's your perfect ending for Chuck and Sarah?
It should be a happy ending. Maybe they all run away, like as a family, everyone, to a tropical island and just hang out there because they've made too many enemies.

  • adam baldwin tweets about Yvonne:
 Adam Baldwin 

RT  "Did  get her legs lengthened in the offseason? Because they go all the way up now. Yowsers." ~  
 Adam Baldwin 

QFE: "I'm not yet getting a sense of what a cartwheel on the pole looks like." -  ~ cc:  ~ 

  • Lykaon from the old site Strahotski.com write a review for Chuck 5X01 to Yvonne Daily

  • Promo for 5X02

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