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an article in Spanish about : The video bizarre Sunday: Yvonne Strahovski hitting a rabbit.
Translate to English:
I mean the only way the video that heads this post: the spectacular Yvonne Strahovski (main character of the series 'Chuck' and the forthcoming film 'Killer Elite' with Jason Statham) and a bearded sseñor beating a man dressed in rabbit two separate baseball bats on the landing of a staircase while bubbles float in the air ... Bizarre, weird, weird.
Apparently it's a promo for the return of 'Chuck' at the end of this month (about time, dammit!) in a commercial break of Conan O'Brien great program but no matter, what matters is that you will not see nothing unusual related to this day known throughout this endless summer Sunday. That is so.
PD1: I remember when there were four seasons ... Those were the days!
Pd2: beating a man dressed in animal is considered animal abuse? Have any of PETA in the room?
Pd3, that no one takes seriously the Pd2, is just a humorous reflection ...
Truthfully I really love Yvonne Strahovski who is simply wonderful as agent Sarah Walker. She's absolutely gorgeous but not in a "I-know-I-am-so-worship-me mode" but in an appealing adorable way. That she can act and act well helps a lot (and does most of her own stunts).
  • and Yvonne's tweet:
  Yvonne Strahovski 

yes. i did this. 

From 17/10/11

 Yvonne Strahovski 

that all you have to say for yourself Schwartz ? “: Chuck Season 5 clip! Plus, Sarah in... well, not a lot of clothes...”

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