ChuckFest3- more pictures and a story

A story from a fan POV of Yvonne and the Chuck's cast:
 What came next was a two-for-one type of deal and we were lucky enough to have both Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster come to our table together. (Fangirl alert!) Both women were breathtakingly stunning and it’s safe to say that everyone was completely captivated by them. Yvonne zeroed in on the Angry Bird almost instantly and had there not been other tables waiting, I have no doubt that she would have helped me three star the one level in Rio that has been evading me. Alas. We talked more fashion, Yvonne admitting that she still gets help from other people when she has to get dressed up for events and that she had to borrow a necklace from Sarah for their first cast appearance, the origins of “tra la la” (she has no idea where it came from or why she decided to use it) 
Also a new pics 

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