From rogue spies to free agents

AFTER honing her craft in the Australian TV industry, Strahovski, 29, landed the plum role of Sarah – something of a cross between Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and Maggie Q in Nikita.
On her vision for Sarah in season five, she says: “I would like to see her have a successful married life and find a happy balance between that and the spy world. We will see how everything goes with this new company that they have opened up, and with Morgan having the Intersect – that’s going to be a wild ride.”
As for the domino effect this development will have on their respective roles, she explains: “It’s going to be different taking care of Morgan with the Intersect than it was with Chuck – he has to become a full spy now. I think she is embracing the fact that he is coming into his own. But there will be a lot of marital spats with Morgan in the middle.”
That Sarah has transformed from the first instalment goes without saying: “I would love to see her skydive, or rock climb. Basically, see her do some really crazy stunts.”
What is Strahovski’s ideal ending for this season?
“I think we probably have to end it with her getting pregnant with triplets or something. I guess it is all a bit emotional. But it’s comforting to know that our fans will follow us wherever we go now as actors – we hope they follow us.”

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