Top 5 Alpha Females: Kinsale’s Melanthe, Chuck’s Sarah Walker,

5. Sarah Walker from NBC’s Chuck
When a hapless retail employee recovering from a disastrous breakup accidentally downloads all of the United States’ secrets, a high-ranking CIA agent is called in to assess the damage. Only in Chuck’s case, the emotionally reserved, butt-kicking superspy is Sarah Walker, and it is the lovelorn nerd Chuck Bartowski who must be rescued. However, the lovely reversal of gender roles is only half the fun of this romantic pairing. Watching Sarah evolve through five seasons from the icy government handler in charge of guarding Chuck to the complex, compassionate woman in love with Chuck (and who can still swoop in and save the day, guns blazing) is one of the central plotlines of the show.

Source: heroesandheartbreakers

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