Review: 'Chuck' - 'Chuck vs. the Baby': The mother and child reunion

  • Early in "Baby," Morgan reminds Chuck that virtually any time he's had a disagreement with Sarah on something, Sarah has been right. Well, in this case, she's not. She's too accustomed to flying solo, even after all these years as part of Operation Bartowski, and in many ways the climax to this episode isn't Sarah killing her old handler and reuniting with her mom and adopted sister, but Sarah simply acknowledging that she should have looped Chuck and Casey in sooner. Everything after is just confirmation of how Sarah has gone from being a loner to a person with roots, and friends and family who have her back whether she needs someone to punch out a few goons or someone to babysit little Molly. It's such a 180 from the person she was when she walked into the Buy More in the pilot that I didn't even mind the show again revisiting (as we did at the end of season 3's "Chuck vs. the Nacho Sampler") the time right before she had to go out to Burbank.(*) That's who Sarah was then, and this is who she is now, and she's much happier - and yet still capable of kicking ass, taking names and doing all the things that made her a spy in the first place. 
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  •  I was more than happy to see her in this episode. Not only that, but these scenes between the two (even the one over the phone) shows that Chuck wasn’t the one to completely change Sarah from the solo spy that she was, but the kinder side was always really a part of who she is. 

  • A couple of plot holes prevented it from being quite as awesome as it might have been, butYvonne Strahovski anchored the show with a fantastic performance that was enough to paper over some of those nitpicks.

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