screen caps of 5.07 The Santa Suit and a REVIEW

"Yvonne Strahovski once again proves that Sarah is the heart and soul of this series. Her range of emotions in this episode is astounding. She shows such simple joy when the episode opens being the secret weapon in Ellie’s Operation Santa, having gathered the decorations, and, then telling announcing the arrival of Mr Pippers, the preppy polar bear for Casey; seeing her hatred and loathing when Shaw appears; watching her try to convince Shaw that he can still be a good man, then begging for to stop his violent plan; the sheer surprise when Chuck tells her that Beckman kissed him; and, the icy stare as Shaw reveals his final plan. Yvonne creates such depth to the character. Of course, seeing her free herself with the knife she keeps in those platforms was pretty astounding too. And that Ellie has tapped her as the secret weapon in Operation Santa again proves that Sarah has come full circle into the normal life she never thought she could have. She even wore the charm bracelet!"

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